Arnes Cemetery

Layout and Organization of the Arnes Cemetery

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The Ariel  view with  partial survey grid  superimposedSurvey of the Cemetery


Shown above are two views of the Arnes Cemetery; first, the view from ariel photography dated approximately 2009

Shown in the second illustration is the survey layout of the Arnes Cemetery as surveyed in 2013.  This plan is being updated by the Cemetery Administration as new graves are placed. 

       The old portion of the cemetery is subdivided into 50 ft grid sections, while the newer portion is further divided into vertical sections and horizontal rows. This allows for better options for planning future growth of the cemetery.

       Existing graves are noted on  individual pages for each grid section and can be accessed as follows:





[Section ABC  Rows 10-19]

[Section ABC Rows 30-39]

[Section ABC Rows 40-49]

[Section ABC Rows50-59]

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