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The known Graves of Arnes Cemetery are listed here with the surnames, and then given names sorted in alphabetical order. When a monument is present marking the grave, a photograph of that monument appears. If shown on the monument, dates of birth and death are shown, and occasionally date of marriage. Miscellaneous information on the monument will appear in "Notes". The location within the cemetery is noted as a section and grid designation which may then be further analyzed by accessing the "Layout" section of this site to see the actual grave location. Longitude and latitude are shown but should not be relied on for absolute accuracy in determining position. 
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 This database was last updated in July, 2017
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When "View the list of Graves" is selected, a new window will open. After opening the new window, scroll to the desired name or set the "Search" box by operating CTRL-F . The list is alphabetical on last name. You may expand the size of the monument picture by clicking on the text associated with it. Use your back arrow to return to the list.

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