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December 2023 - Wastewater Issue

December 2023

A letter from the Lake Winnipeg Foundation to Fred Veldink.


Date: Mon, Nov 27, 2023 at 1:10 PM

Subject: Provincial mandate to protect Lake Winnipeg, plus more!

To: Fred Veldink <fredveldink@gmail.com>

Dear Fred,

The election of a new provincial government is an opportunity to reset Manitoba’s policy priorities for Lake Winnipeg. In this e-update you’ll find information about our latest provincial advocacy efforts – and how you can get involved – plus highlights from some of the other activities we’ve been focused on over the past few months.

Thank you for supporting our shared vision of a clean, healthy Lake Winnipeg, now and for future generations.

Provincial mandate letters mark government’s commitment to protecting Lake Winnipeg

In late October, Premier Wab Kinew issued mandate letters to provincial cabinet ministers.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt has been directed to “work with experts and scientists to protect Lake Winnipeg and safeguard the health of all our waterways.”

Minister Lisa Naylor, who leads the departments of Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as Consumer Protection and Government Services, was asked to “work with other levels of government to get the upgrades to the North End Water Pollution Control Centre done.”

It’s encouraging to see the protection of Lake Winnipeg identified as a key commitment of Manitoba’s new government. As an immediate next step, we are re-iterating our call for accelerated phosphorus compliance at Winnipeg’s largest sewage treatment plant.

We invite you to join us in this advocacy. Visit our website for more information and a template you can use to send a message to Manitoba’s political leaders.

Take Action !

Another successful water-sampling season

The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN) has officially wrapped up its eighth field season!

This year, water samples were collected from March to October from 130 sites located throughout the Red and Assiniboine River watersheds. Over the coming months, these samples will be analyzed in a lab to measure phosphorus concentration, enabling us to calculate the amount of phosphorus being exported off the landscape and into the waterways that flow into Lake Winnipeg.

By identifying phosphorus hotspots, LWCBMN is generating the water-quality data needed to direct research, inform policy and focus action. Thank you to the many citizen volunteers and watershed partners whose efforts make this work possible!

Read Claire's Reflection!

Top Five Takeaways from the 2023 Black Leadership in Social Impact Summit  

LWF Program Coordinator Claire Harvey recently had the opportunity to connect with Black changemakers across the country as part of a two-day virtual summit on Black leadership and social impact. She learned so much, she decided to share her Top Five Takeaways!

Read Our Newsletter

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the health of our shared waters.


The LWF team


  • Following is newsletter from Coalition Lake Winnipeg pertinent to the upcoming election:

"September 2023.......(in PDF Format)

Coalition of Lake Winnipeg - Questions to Party Leaders re Lake Winnipeg

From: Coalition Lake Winnipeg <cslakewinnipeg@gmail.com>
Date: Sun., May 14, 2023, 05:46
Subject: Updates re: Letters and Newsletter
To: Environment Committee

Good Morning, 

Attached you will find the May Newsletter, a letter to Minister Guilbeault and a letter to Minister Klein and Councillor Mayes.  The letters are scheduled to be sent tomorrow morning, May 15th and the Newsletter Monday, May 15th in the evening.  

Thanks to Lori Jean who helped significantly in both the writing and brainstorming.  Thanks to Gordon for editing.  The information was also reviewed by Marlo at LWF.   Rod, thanks for sending the photo.  Unfortunately it wouldn't open on my computer.  

Hope all is well with everyone.  


Following is information in pdf format:

Minister Guilbeault letter

Minister Klein and Councillor May Letters

May 2023 Newsletter


December,  2022
The Lake Winnipeg Foundation "Fall and Winter Report" has been published. Click here to review the document.

September,  2022

"The Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg, of which we are the founding members, has an update on developments regarding the
North End Winnipeg Water Pollution Control Centre."  Click here to review document

In addition we have prepared a list of questions regarding the Health of Lake Winnipeg that voters might want to ask candidates
 in the upcoming Municipal Election."  Click here to review document


Click here to review document
June, 2022 newsletter from the Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg

Environment Committee

The SHPOA Environment Committee is an advocate group for sustainable behaviours to optimize the natural enjoyment of the Silver Harbour Community today and into the future.

Further, we are members of the Lake Winnipeg Foundation and active participants in the Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg (CSLW), contributing toward the collective effort to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg and its tributaries.

Click here to review document
The Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg
Calls to Action
Concerned Citizens to Connect with All Levels of Government 
Work Together to Save Lake Winnipeg
The following Call to Action provides updates and contact information for our concerned citizens to engage with elected officials.    Please share this with others in your community.   

 Dear Sir or Madam:

The purpose of this letter- call to action -  is to raise concerns through an email letter  to  your political representatives (city, provincial, federal)   regarding  the status of the health of Lake Winnipeg and the supporting river systems. Today, the Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg (CSLW) is reaching out to you for your support.

As an introduction -  the Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg  is a grass roots organization comprising of associations/organizations, various stakeholders, and Selkirk ( to name a few - RM  Gimli, Victoria Beach, RM Alexander, Fishers. Recreational Users, etc) in the south Basin of Lake Winnipeg.  This coalition works closely with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation and other notable provincial organizations. The prime objective of the coalition is to inform the general population on issues facing our lakes and waterways and to engage with our political representatives to pursue  the objective of water quality.

The  Coalition has identified a number of important issues  that affect the health of  Lake Winnipeg, but there are two points that stand out, such as:

 - The seeming lack of progress in addressing the need to reduce nutrients from the North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPACC) to meet the licensing and
other requirements and provisions of the Provincial Environment Act and Water Protection Act. The high levels of phosphorous emissions  from our treatment plants is a major contributor to algae blooms seen in Lake Winnipeg.

- NEWPCC cannot handle current water volumes, and has not been able to support volumes for the past many years due primarily to inadequate  maintenance procedures and a lack of proper funding. You only have to look at the recent Wolseley affair  and another dumping of raw sewage and effluent at the St. Charles station into the Assiniboine - this is routine with no fixes in sight. For example, in 2018 the City of Edmonton dumped 1.5 million cubic metres of raw sewage into the North Saskatchewan river (equivalent of 634 Olympic size pools); after spending 200 million dollars on treatment upgrades they reduced their effluent levels to 52,000 cubic metres  (equivalent to 21 Olympic size pools) - by comparison the city of Winnipeg  (smaller population) dumped the equivalent of 2300 Olympic size pools into our river systems (an Olympic size pool holds 2,500,000 litres or 550,000 imperial  gallons)  Source  - Toronto Star and Edmonton Journal.

What is required is an immediate action plan and proper funding to modernize our water treatment facilities with the goal  of  addressing  the constant effluent leaks and high levels of phosphorous emissions . These objectives can only be achieved through the coordinated efforts of our three levels of government - city, provincial, and federal.

To help expedite the process of  modernization of our water treatment facilities we are urging all residents to contact their local political representatives whether it be a city councillor, or  an MLA, or an MP or all three indicating your concern on the state of affairs regarding Lake Winnipeg and our river systems. We simply cannot continue with the current state of  our water and sewage  infrastructure system that is broken .We cannot continue  to kick these problems down the road - these issues need to be resolved now.

Please feel free to use the information provided in this letter in your communication to your elected officials. And please note that it is not necessary to write volumes of text, a simple paragraph will suffice.

We cannot stress enough, the value and importance of sending these letters. Please share this email with your friends, family and other community members to encourage them to write. Thank you in advance for making time to do this.

Fred Veldink
Environment Committee Chair

There is a list of city councillors, applicable MLA's and MP's. 

City of Winnipeg
Mayor Brian Bowman   204 - 986-5665 mayor@winnipeg.ca
councillor     St. Boniface  Matt  Allard  204-396-4636  mattallard@winnipeg.ca
councillor     North Kildonan  Jeff Bowaty  204-986-5196  jbrowaty@winnipeg.ca
councillor     St. Norbert - Seine River  Markus Chambers  204-986-5920  markuschambers@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Mynarski  Ross Eadie  204-986-5188  readie@winnipeg.ca
councillor     St. James  Scott Gillingham  204-986-5848  scottgillingham@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Daniel McIntyre   Cindy Gilroy  204-986-5951   cgilroy@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Charleswood - Tuxedo  Kevin Klein   204-986-5232   kklein@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Waverly West  Janice Lukes   204-986-6824  jlukes@winnipeg.ca
councillor     St. Vital   Brian Mayes  204-986-5088   bmayes@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Transcona  Shawn Nason  204-986-8087  snason@winnipeg.ca
councillor     River Heights - Fort Garry  John Orlikow  204-986-5236  jorlikow@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Fort Rouge - East Fort Garry  Sherri Rollins   204-986-5878  srollins@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Point Douglas   Vivian Santos  204-986-8401  vsantos@winnipeg.ca
councillor     Elmwood - East Kildonan  Jason Schreyer  204-986-5195  jschreyer@winnipeg.ca
concillor       Old Kildonan   Davi Sharma  204-986-5264  devi@winnipeg.ca

Members  Manitoba Legislature
MLA     Interlake-Gimli  Derek Johnson  204-945-5854  minmr@leg.gov.mb.ca  -- constituency office  204-641-8525  interlakegimlimla@gmail.com
MLA     Kirkfield Park   Scott Fielding   204-945-3952  minfin@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office 204-889-0540  scott@scottfielding.ca

MLA     Premier   Brian Pallister  204-945-3714  premier@leg.gov.mb.ca --- constituency office  204-489-0828  info@brianpallister.com

MLA      Fort Richmond   Sarah Guillemard  204-945-3730  mincc@leg.gov.mb.ca --- constituency office  204-221-8881    

MLA     Red River North  Jeff  Warton   204-945-8020  mincrown@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituecy office  204-641-2107  gimlica@mymts.net

MLA     Riel    Rochelle Squires  204-945-4173  minfs@leg.gov.mb.ca --constituency office  204-615-5241   rochelle@rochellesquires.ca

MLA     River Heights   Jon Gerrard  204-945-5194  jon.gerrard@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office 204-289-1560  info@jongerrardmla.ca

MLA     St. Boniface  Dougald Lamont   204-945-6276    dougald.lamont@leg.gov.mb.ca--- constituency office  204-792-8806  info@dougaldlamont.ca

MLA     Fort Rouge   Wab Kinew  204-9453284  wab.kinew@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office 204-615-1922  wab.kinew@yourmanitoba.ca

MLA     Midland  Blaine Pedersen  204-945-3722  minagr@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office  204-745-2203  midlandmla@outlook.com

MLA     Wolseley  Lisa Naylor  204-945-3710  lisa.naylor@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office  204-792-2773  lisa.naylor@yourmanitoba.ca

MLA     Lac du Bonnet  Wayne  Ewasko   204-945-8480   minaesi@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office  204-268-3282  wayne@wayneewasko.com

MLA     Selkirk   Alan Lagimodiere  204-945-3709  alan.lagimodiere@leg.gov.mb.ca ---constituency office  204-482-4955  alanlagselkirkmla@mymts.net

Federal Government MPs
Elmwood   Daniel Blaikie   204-984-2499  daniel.blaikie@parl.gc.ca

Winnipeg North   Kevin Lamoureux   204-984-1767  kevin.lamoureux@parl.gc.ca

St. Boniface- St. Vital  Dan Vandal  204-983-3183  dan.vandal@parl.gc.ca

Winnipeg South Centre  James Carr  204-983-1355  jim.carr@parl.gc.ca

Winnipeg Centre  Leah Gazan  204-984-1675          Leah.gazan@parl.gc.ca

Winnipeg South  Terry Duguid   204-984-6787     Terry.duguid@parl.gc.ca

Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingly   Marty Morantz   204-984-6432    marty.morantz@parl.gc.ca

Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman   James Bezan   204-785-6151   james.bezan@parl.gc.ca

Municipal Mayor/Reeve's on the Shores of Lake Winnipeg

RM of Alexander    Mayor Jack Brisco    204-754-7145    brisco@rmalexander.com

       RM of Bifrost Riverton    Reeve Brian Johnson     204-785-3634    bjohnson@johnsonseeds.com

RM Gimli    Mayor Lynn Greenberg    204-641-2205    greenberg@rmgimli.com
       RM St. Andrews    mayor Joy Sul    204-485-2335    joy@rmofstandrews.com

       RM St. Clements    Mayor Debbie Fiebelkorn    204-785-8622    debbie@rmofstclements.com

Town of Winnipeg Beach    Mayor Tony Pimental    204-389-2698    info@winnipegbeach.ca

City of Selkirk    Mayor Larry Johannson    204-785-4900    citizensupport@cityofselkirk.com

RM Victoria Beach    Mayor Penny McMorris    204-774-4263    pmcmoris@victoriabeach.ca

For more Rural Municipality Information  contact - Manitoba Rural Municipality Information  pages  31-58

Coalition to Save Lake Winnipeg (CSLW): http://macoman.com/lake-winnipeg

Information and Reporting Links 

Manitoba Government Sustainable Development Report Algae Blooms: https://forms.gov.mb.ca/algal_report/index.html
Lake Winnipeg Foundation:    https://www.lakewinnipegfoundation.org/

Who to Call:

Dead Animals on Roads:  Manitoba Department of Highways at 204-945-8955
Dead Animals on Private Property:  Manitoba Department of Conservation and Climate at 204-642-6070
Litter/carcass on the Beach:  RM of Gimli Public Works Department at 204-642-6688
Report Water Pollution:  Manitoba Department of Conservation and Climate at 204-485-6797 or 24 hr Emergency Line: 1-855-944-4888
Report a Poacher: Manitoba Department of Conservation and Climate at 1-800-782-0076

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